The school has been ready to well furnished smart class rooms with multimedia provision. Its processing to teach all the subjects for all classes. We used very comfortable classrooms for coming breeze air from the greenish tree and only 30 students allotted in a class room.


The school takes pride in possessing all the three science labs. i.e. physics ,chemistry and biology, which is well- equipped and is spacious to perform experiments. “Learning by doing” is cultivated in our lab, which motives the students explore and study.


Computer laboratory is an exciting. Learning centre for the children to update the latest software applications and programming languages. An internet connection facilitates internet access to source the website for educational materials. Computer session and Internet access are monitored and supervised by computer experts who guide the children throughout the sessions.



The school communication system to parents and students is an excellent one on daily basis SMS is sent to the parents about the circular, reminders, and concerns. The SMS service keeps the parents informed about every process/activity. Absentees must be informed to parents at 9.30 Am. and sated conformation with politely. Information shared parents through the voice calls.


Our school offers a good transport facility for the convenience of the students coming from in and around the Thiruvannamalai city through our 20 buses. Trained workers and monthly refreshment training programme for the drivers, attainders, (cliners).


Our school has residential facilities for boys at the school. The world-class 40 bed best conditioned hostel has been constructed with the sole aim of developing able students to achieve national level excellence in academics and sports.


Our Auditorium can accommodate 1000 children. It has a professionally made stage of area with huge backdrops, large number of focus lights and rich audio system with a built area our auditorium stands as one of the biggest in this part of the city .

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