Applications for admissions to classes above I Std would be subject to available vacancies. Students newly admitted must promptly produce the Transfer Certificate and Conduct Certificate from the school last attended. The school authorities reserve the right to refuse admission without assigning any reason. The authorities may also reserve the right to expel students whose conduct/progress is unsatisfactory.


  • We are having an excellent classroom environment for the primary classes LKG to V Std.
  • We are adopting various teaching methodologies to make learning interesting.
  • Students are learning by doing.
  • Spacious and colourful classrooms attract the students and they are feeling happy to be in their school.
  • Regular classroom system is not followed here.
  • We are following CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) in assessing the progress of the child.
  • Students will be moving from, place to place (Auditorium, Quiet Activity, Library, Computer lab) like their house.
  • Students are learning according to the given theme thereby they are inter-relating each and everything to the real world.
  • Different competitions like Drawing, story-telling, fancy dress, reciting rhymes, are conducted to encourage the students.
  • Outdoor activities like running, passing the ball, sand pit activities and gardening are practiced in our school.
  • Students are expressing their talents in our school prayer. This encourages them to achieve more and more.
  • All our students are given equal opportunities to participate in all the events.


  • To give an concrete experience to the students all the concepts are taught through maths lab and science lab equipment.
  • Collaborative teaching among all subjects is also done.
  • CCE based worksheet and assessments are carried on which covers 6’c concepts - (CRITICAL GROWTH, CREATIVE, COMPREHENSIVE CONSCIOUSNESS, COLLABORATIVE , COMMUNITY , COMMUNICATION SKILLS)
  • Debates, quiz, projects, field trips, presentations are also done to create confidence in them.
  • Peer teachers observation is also done.
  • We have a well-equipped library which helps our students to have an extensive reading habit.
  • Role play, interviews, projects, field trips, seminars and presentation are the other tools for assessing the student’s progress.
  • Every day we are bringing out the hidden talents of our students in the assembly.
  • Various competitions and celebrations are conducted and the children eagerly take part in all these activities.
  • CCA is also included in the class time table and life skills are being taught in this club activities are conducted once in a month and children take part in those activities with full enthusiasm.
  • Parent teacher meet is conducted after every formative and summative assessment so that the parent will get a feed back of their child’s progress and also a friendly relationship is maintained between the parent and teacher.


  • Higher Secondary students are prepared for State Board Examination by Highly Qualified trained teaching professionals and the students are achieving 100% results in SSLC and HSC Examination with excellent scores.
  • The school has well-equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Lab, Audio lingual lab.
  • Socially and useful and productive work is taught as compulsory subject.
  • Slow learners will be talking individual attention as well as Bright students and average students leads to take highest score in the examination.
  • Projects, Seminars and presentation, field trips are other tools for assessing the student’s progress.
  • Students are all participating all activities like as sports and other celebrations.
  • Yoga class is in every day.


  • Group I (Code—103) — English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology(TM/EM)
  • Group II (Code—102) – English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science(TM/EM)
  • Group III (Code—208) – English, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology(TM/EM)
  • Group IV (Code—302) – English, Commerce, Accounting, Economics, Computer Science(TM/EM).


  • All student material including the text book, class work note, home work note, work books should be maintained neatly.
  • Every student is expected to bring his/her school diary to the school every day.
  • All assignments will be meaning full with the aim to provide reinforcement and enrichment to the students hence it is expected that it is done and must be submitted punctually.


  • Home assignments should be encouraging and enriching for the children for classes I & VIII Homework may be given 3 subjects in a day. The duration should not exceed 30 to 40 minutes per subject.
  • Children will not be overloaded with work.
  • Independent math practice at home will be encouraged.
  • Children with special needs will get different types of homework of suit their ability and interest.
  • Before giving Homework teacher must ensure that students are capable of handling the work independently without seeking any help from tutorials or parents. However parents involvement will be required at denvies for innovate work.

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